24 Jul, 2015 | Website Design

Does it matter?

In short YES! But let’s go into a little more detail. First of all in this context when we refer to typography we mean the style and layout of the font/text being used, for example what you are reading right now. As you’ll agree it’s quite an important step in getting your point across. The font faces used within your design conveys creativity, professionalism and even emotion.

Years ago when the internet came about there were only a select few fonts to choose between (life was simple), but now many more fonts have come about, and with so many varying website designs we don’t want to lose our text we want to see it.

How we deal with this?

It’s all about listening. First of all we need to understand your business, only then will we be able to pick and choose an appropriate font which determines your look. We are very experienced in this field so leave it to us, you’re in good hands.

Plan of action

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Refreshing Website Design

There are so many factors to be taken into consideration when creating your business’s online presence. Keeping up with fashion trends to make sure your website looks modern and visually eye-catching is just as important as making sure it is responsive and SEO optimised, and that is why we take the time over what matters the most.

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Browser Compatibility

With the latest big name browser release being Microsoft’s Edge, coming as standard with Windows 10 and replacing its predecessor, Internet Explorer, we’ll also assume that web browsers are here to stay and so making sure your website is compatible with the latest browsers is as important as ever.

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Its got to be 24/7!!

If you want to create a website for the family or a full powered data base driven eCommerce website, your choice of web host is essential.

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