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13 Oct, 2015Optimisation, Website Design

With so many viewing platforms out there for browsing the web it makes sense to ensure that your website, whether old or new, is presentable and compatible. Read on and we’ll take a brief look at the web browsers that we all take for granted.

What is a web browser?

Today if you were to ask someone to hop onto the internet, their immediate response is to bring up Google and ask what you wanted to find. But in order to do this you would have to use a web browser to find the page you wanted and then ‘browse’ through subsequent pages on the site. Web browsers were originally built as tools for presenting information from the World Wide Web, or internet as it is better known today, and because of this there was only one browser with one set of standards. Simple.

Now that time has gone on, more and more browsers have been developed. You’re probably aware of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and of course Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge) but there are also many more besides for you to choose from, each with their own unique interface and user experience. Because of this, it means that the same website can be displayed slightly differently based on how that specific browser chooses to display certain elements.

web browser standards

Web Browsers Have Standards

The Future of web browsers

With the latest big name browser release being Microsoft’s Edge, coming as standard with Windows 10 and replacing its predecessor, Internet Explorer, we’ll also assume that web browsers are here to stay and so making sure your website is compatible with the latest browsers is as important as ever.

How does this affect my website?

As web developers we have the constant nagging in the back of our minds (no not the boss) of how to make a website look the same across multiple browsers and have long called for the same standard across all browsers to make life easier. With every browser being different with its own set of rules and regulations, not to mention the various plugins and addons, individual user preferences, screen sizes and even screen colours that have an impact on the overall display of the website, it doesn’t look like that will be the case anytime soon. So what is the answer?

We simply must accept the fact that it’s impossible to give all website users the exact same look of the website across different browsers. It just can’t be done.

Although the overall look of your website is an important factor, it won’t matter if the website simply isn’t user-friendly. Usability is crucial in retaining users on your site and so focusing on functionality to ensure your website functions correctly across all browsers is vital. If you’re website only works properly on Google Chrome but not on any other browser then you’ve already lost out on a huge percentage of potential users.

That’s why here at One Website, we always endeavour to give the best user experience, including a well presented website that functions flawlessly across all web browsers and devices. This may sound heavy, but this comes as standard from us.

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